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While working on Mocha Paws, I was looking for more of a playful and sophisticated approach. I started out with the work mark and wanted to play with the white space in the M that looks like cat ears and that is not only how I got to the marking but also the icon as well. 

Palms branding guide graphic

Palms, a brand known for its high quality message oils, made with the best ingredients and scents, perfect for anyone who loves massage! This project was featured on my Instagram, I worked on keeping a more simple but luxurious font in order to keep with the theme of the brand. I thought about how to incorporate the idea of “palms” without looking to the obvious hands concept. This idea brought me to a palm tree, which is found in tropical environments, that most people find relaxing. With that Idea in mind, that is where I ended up with the final design. 

Another image of palms logo on a product
Palms logo

Costal Delights is a beach based bakery on the Oregon Coast. They celebrate the creativity and fun that comes with baking and love sharing it with locals a tourists alike.  

Coastal Delights Icon or marking
Mood board for Costal delights
Costal Delights logo
Rich and creamy branding photo

Rich & Creamy founded by two ice cream enthusiasts in California, Rich & Creamy aims to craft premium, indulgent ice creams using the finest ingredients. Inspired by the abundance of California’s culinary landscape, the brand seeks to offer bold and innovative flavors that celebrate the state’s diverse culture and nature beauty. I love the bold and bright colors to match the crazy fun the comes from California. Along with that this design is influenced by the fun creative nature of ice cream itself! With creative flavors that test the boundaries of what should be an ice cream flavor!  

Rich and creamy mock up of tubs
Rich and creamy logo

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